Kop. by Jacqueline Chantler

Pricing & Costs

Each skull is sourced, cleaned and uniquely painted by hand. 
If you would like to enquire and get a quote on a Kop, please get in touch.
Below you can get an idea of the costings for our Koppe.

Shipping & Courier costs are not included.
Lead times: Koppe 1 – 2 months | Ceramics 2 – 3 weeks

Ceramic – from R300
+- 15cm horn to horn
+- 10cm tip to base
Small – from R2500
+- 45cm horn to horn
+- 45 tip to base
Medium – from R3000
+- 60cm horn to horn
+- 50cm tip to base
Large – from R3500
+- 64cm horn to horn
+- 55cm tip to base
Large + kudu horns – from R4000
+- 1.5meters horn to horn
+- 55cm tip to base

Sugarskull Kop

Africana Kop

Delft Kop

Beaded Africana Kop

Mexican Kop

Zebra Kop

Espana Kop

Gold Sugarskull Kop

Delft Ceramic Kop

Sugarskull Ceramic Kop

Red Sugarskull Ceramic Kop

Black Sugarskull Ceramic Kop

Blue Sugarskull Ceramic Kop